Corn Is Growing In The Demonstration Plot

Peninsula Tractor Organization member Sturgis Ashby has been hard at work coordinating both individuals and businesses in the community in order to plant this year’s corn demonstration plot. The members would like to take this time to thank the following:

  • Ed Tankard of Tankard’s Nursery – donated 12 acres land rent free
  • David Long of Long Grain and Livestock – lime
  • Bill & David Farlow – spraying burndown chemicals, planting
  • Tommy Savage of Helena Chemical Company – burndown chemicals
  • Sam Lewis of Gromark FS¬† – fertilizer
  • Larry Custis of Augusta Seed – corn seed
  • Danny Long and David Kenney of Pioneer Seed – corn seed
  • Mike Paglia and Richard Baggett of Delcarm, LLC – second burndown chemicals
  • Tom Taylor and Tyler Ames of Crop Production¬† – liquid nitrogen

Each year PTO plants these demonstration plots, harvests the grain and sells it in order to fund the Organization’s projects. Without this valuable input from the community none of this would be possible. Thank you!