Preserving the rich agricultural heritage of the Eastern Shore of Virginia is the focus of the Peninsula Tractor Organization.

In 2009, a small group of like-minded individuals came together to promote the fellowship of people with a common interest in farming and farm life.  This group’s purpose was and continues to be to collect and preserve old tractors, engines and other items used on the farm and to share the knowledge of how these items were used with others through displays and exhibits.


The Peninsula Tractor Organization members display their vintage equipment at various events throughout the region. Demonstrations of plowing, grinding or shelling corn or other activities recognizes the hard work and dedication of the area’s farmers and ensures that these attributes will not be lost to future generations. To that end, the Peninsula Tractor Organization is also restoring a 19th century sawmill in Nassawadox, VA and will be establishing an agricultural museum there.


Today, over 75 members make up the Peninsula Tractor Organization. Our membership continues to grow and as it grows so do plans for the future. When completed the Nasswadox Sawmill restoration project will provide a place to establish a museum devoted to preserving the Eastern Shore’s farming heritage as well as the opportunity to expand educational programs.