For almost 400 years, settlers in Accomack and Northampton Counties have been harvesting food for personal consumption and trading the surplus in commercial markets.  The abundant harvest resulted from an enormous effort to clear forests for farming.  Farming and the equipment associated with farming helped sustain the population of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

In 2009, a club was started to promote the fellowship of people with a common interest in farming and farm life.  Its purpose was and is to collect and preserve old tractors, engines and other items used on the farm and to share the knowledge of how these items were used with others through displays and exhibits.

This club became Peninsula Tractor Organization (PTO) and in March 2009 joined the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association as Branch 200. Our members attend monthly meetings to assist with restoration projects, to discuss technical information and to share old farm pictures and tools. Members participate in fund raising efforts and local events including plow days and tractor rides. We accomplish this in a spirit of fun and fellowship.