Safety Officer

Chad Savage –

Here is a little information about myself. I grew up on Long Island, which is part of New York, in a town called Mattituck. While living there I grew up with my parents and a younger sister. My father was a commercial fisherman, theres my love and attraction for the water and all involved with it. I also made friends with many of the local farmers which also gave me my truest passion for tractors, Garrison “Doc” Brown was one of them. Growing up I have learned to fix a lot of engines (car, boat, tractors) and still have a passion for it today. Later on in life I met my wife, Jeanine and shortly after being married we had two boys and decided to make a life change and moved to the Eastern Shore leaving behind my oldest child who lives with her mother. After coming down here many times to visit “Doc”, I knew that’s where I wanted to be. We have lived down here about 6.5 years and have met so many wonderful people and grew our family by having a girl. As we live in Weirwood now for the past 2.5 years we have made our house a cozy home. Many of you know me a a hands on technician and am willing to help anyone who needs it.